Fairouz Academy is an Arabic language school for children aged 4-12 of various backgrounds serving Calgary and surrounding areas. We offer after school programs on weekdays and morning programs on Saturdays.

We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for children to learn Arabic using a fun filled approach.

Our programs will provide children with the foundation of the Arabic language using the full immersion method, while dedicating individual attention to each student’s needs. We utilize techniques such as plays, crafts, stories and songs and rhymes to supplement the textbooks to keep students engaged in our classes. Our goal with the completion of our programs is for the student to be able to speak, read and write Arabic.

أكاديمية فيروز هي مدرسة تعليم اللغة العربية للأطفال الذين تتراوح أعمارهم بين 4-12 عاما من مختلف الخلفيات ، تخدم كالجاري والمناطق المحيطة بها.

نهدف في أكادمية فيروز إلى خلق بيئة ترحيبية وشاملة للأطفال لتعلم اللغة العربية بطريقة مرحة و ممتعة.

توفر برامجنا الأسس اللازمة لتعلم للغة العربية باستخدام تقنيات حديثة مثل المسرحيات والحرف اليدوية والقصص والأغاني بالإضافة للكتب المدرسية. هدفنا مع الانتهاء من برامجنا هو أن يكون الطالب قادراً على القراءة والكتابة و التحدث باللغة العربية.

Mission Statement

We believe in building a generation of independent citizens and empowering them with knowledge though play and innovation, in order to connect them to their roots and culture.

ونحن نؤمن ببناء جيل من المواطنين المستقلين وتمكينهم من خلال العلم و المعرفة ، من أجل ربطهم بجذورهم وثقافتهم عن طريق اللعب والابتكار.

Vision Statement

We aim to give the children in our community the opportunity to own their future through learning their mother tongue.

نهدف إلى إعطاء الأطفال في مجتمعنا الكندي الفرصة لامتلاك مستقبلهم من خلال تعلم لغتهم الأم.

Why learn Arabic?


  • Your future best friend may speak it
  • Learning a new language is good for your brain
  • Learning a new language can raise your grades in other subjects
  • It can help you land an awesome job.

Also, students in Canada are encouraged to learn and use their mother tongue, which is very important for a number of reasons:

  • Mother tongue is the language that parents master perfectly.
  • Mother tongue is the most important tool to pass or receive knowledge because we learn better in the language we understand.
  • Children who have strong first language skills are more willing and able to learn a second language
  • The vocabulary and ease of communication will remain stronger in the mother tongue and will enable students to stay in touch with the literature and culture of their original country and to maintain their own language
  • Learning the mother tongue helps in multilingualism, and helps to open up to the world and keep pace with intellectual and civilized development

Therefore, we must ensure that, as educators, we encourage our students to learn their mother tongue and to hand it down from generation to generation.


We offer courses in 6 levels

Arabic level 1

Arabic level 2

Arabic level 3

Arabic level 4

Arabic level 5

Arabic level 6

Course Description    

Courses start in September and February of each year and each course level runs for a period of five months . The classes run once a week and each class is 2 hours long.

The courses utilize a dynamic full immersion method in language teaching where students are immersed in an environment of Arabic language only. Through the use of images, intuition interactivity and instruction, the students will be introduced to the language and encouraged to use it. The course utilizes a variety of fun activities such as songs, games and stories to supplement the text book and keep the students engaged.

The method used in teaching in our school is:

Simple and efficient.

Vivid and engaging.

Flexible and adaptable to each student.

Curriculum: سلسلة لغتنا الأم



Our classes are weekly and each class is 2 hours long, and courses begin in September and February each year, and each program runs for a period of 5 months (20 classes per course). Please contact us for classes schedule.

There are two payment plans available for each course:

  1. Installment plan: $149.00 + GST monthly installments over 4 months, first payment is at time of registration, plus $75 registration fee. *** must sign Installment payment plan agreement. There is a $10.00 non-refundable administration fee applied to activate the Installment Payment Plan Agreement.
  2. Full payment: $495.00 + GST payable at time of registration, plus $75 registration fee.

Course material and text books are $35.

Siblings discount is available!

To register your child, please fill in the form below and email to: info@fairouzacademy.org

Workshops and Camps   

Evening Workshops: Little ones will learn Arabic and have fun under our supervised attention. These will run once a month and are open to students and non-students. Registration is per workshop.  Age range: 4- 12 yrs.  Call (587-703-5036) or email us (info@fairouzacademy.org) for more details.

Spring and Summer camps: Call or email us and ask about our Summer camps.

Our Team


We believe that teachers can ignite the passion for learning in students. This is why our teachers are skilled in the latest educational practices and are most qualified for this mission.

At Fairouz Academy, we strive to provide a welcoming, loving, supportive and fun atmosphere for everyone.

Isis Sunna, Director
Isis Sunna - woman - girl - mother - daughter

Isis got her BA in Finance from the University of Jordan in 2006 and proceeded to work in the fast paced banking sector for more than a decade, holding several managerial positions in corporate portfolio management and heading the Credit Risk function in international banks in Jordan before moving to Calgary in 2016 with her husband, Firas and her daughter, Fairouz.

Isis believes in the power of languages and the importance of communication. Arabic is a flexible, elegant and a not so difficult language to learn. Children of immigrant families have the opportunity to be multilingual, and parents can cultivate and encourage the use of mother tongue. Mastering the parents’ mother tongue plays a huge role and in connecting the children to their roots and culture, increases employment opportunities, and makes them more adaptable to new environments.  As well as presenting them with more employment opportunities in the future. Isis believes that learning Arabic should be made available to all interested families, this is why at Fairouz Academy, we welcome all children of different cultural backgrounds and strive to provide a fun atmosphere that incorporates crafts, music, interactive play and an extensive array of creative and educational tools at a developmentally appropriate level, while making sure not to burden the child with an extra school  load.  The curriculum was chosen after  extensive research in that area, and has all the modern teaching tools and techniques.

Jehan Ozon, Teacher

Jehan comes to Fairouz Academy with an academic degree in translation from Damascus University. She is trained in the field of “how to deal with kids”, and has six years of teaching experience for grades 2, 3, 5 and high school students at different schools in Damascus. This makes her the perfect fit for Fairouz Academy.  She also completed a Couture course in ES-MODE institute, Damascus. She is passionate about teaching and possesses excellent interpersonal skills and has the ability to communicate concisely and articulately with the children of all ages. Jehan is the mother of 2 gorgeous children and we are excited to have her as part of our family at Fairouz Academy.

Jane Rabahia, Teacher

Jane Rabahia. Jane comes to Fairouz Academy with a passion to teach and help kids learn an exciting language. She strongly believes that the best way to learn is through fun & play, and that every child should be valued and treated with respect instead of worrying about behavioral issues. She is an elementary level teacher with a major in Art, graduated from Syria and worked in multiple schools teaching kids in grades 1-6.  She believes that using arts and crafts in the classroom is an excellent way to facilitate language learning with young learners.  Jane also worked as a Human Resource manager in Dubai for 4 years.  She and her husband have a beautiful family of twin boys and one furry pet. We can’t be happier about her joining our family at Fairouz Academy.

Book Shop

Come and check out our broad variety of fun Arabic children books, from nursery rhymes and short stories for babies and preschoolers to engaging reads for teenagers. Gifts are also available!

Book shop working hours are from 3:30 PM until 6:00 PM Monday to Friday, and from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturdays.  We are located at Bay 1A, 4101 – 19 Street NE, Calgary.  Call us at 587-703-5036  info@fairouzacademy.org

We’ll love to hear from you!


Address: Bay 1A, 4101- 19 Street NE

Calgary, Alberta


Telephone: (587) 703-5036

Email: info@fairouzacademy.org

Monday-Friday: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sunday: Closed

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